Body mass index for men

How should the body mass index for men?

Hello. People around us comment on our height and weight. Body mass index of all people is different. Therefore, you should not pay much attention to what people around you say. The most useful information is the information of the expert. In this article we will give information about “body mass index for men”.

What is Body Mass Index?

The body mass index is a formula that determines which weight range you are in. Are you thin, normal weight, a little overweight or obese? Body mass index gives you exactly this range. In this way, you will discover your ideal weight range. However, in special situations and diseases, you can find your ideal weight with a doctor. Because although research suggests that BMI measurements provide better recognition for someone with weight problems than previous height and weight charts, BMI is still used inconsistently by many doctors or patients. Studies show that ethnic differences are also important in body composition. For example, people of Asian and African descent may have a genetically smaller skeletal structure than Spanish or American descent. When researching, you should consider the ratio of the two rather than the height and weight. Because the important thing is your body mass index.

How to Calculate Body Mass Index?

When you divide your weight by the square of your height, the number that comes up gives your body mass index. You can compare this number with the table below to determine which weight range you are in. In addition, this number will show you if you are at your ideal weight.

For example, you have a height of 190 cm and your weight is 100 kg. Divide your weight by the square of your height: 100 / (1.9) 2, the result is 27.7. When we look at the overweight range we see that the values are between 25-30.  In this case you’ll be included in the overweight range. With this rate you can determine your ideal weight.

How does the Body Mass Index provide information about our health?

In fact, your overall health is not something that we can only measure with your body mass index. Fat and muscle percentage, bone density is not measured by body mass index. Likewise, during a standard check-up process, tests and scans cannot be seen with this calculation. If you think your weight range is sufficient for your overall health, you are wrong.


What is written here is for informational purposes only. Your doctor will give you the best information. If your body mass index creates a health problem for you, you should immediately seek expert help.  We wish you healthy days.

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