Diet for Diabetics

Diet for Diabetics

Hi. Hello there. The subject of this article “diet for diabetics“. The role of nutrition and diet in the treatment of diabetes is very critical.  The diet of individuals with diabetes, lifestyle, height, weight, and insulin drug used in the treatment of diabetes type and amount of daily physical activity and dietary habits are regulated in mind. Therefore, dietary programs for each diabetic patient should be different. Eat more than the recommended amount in the diet causes your blood sugar to rise and eat less than the recommended amount in the diet causes your blood sugar to drop. In both cases, control is disrupted in diabetes. Therefore, care must be taken not to leave out of the diet list in terms of total daily energy. The balance between meals, medication and exercise plays a key role in diabetes control.

Diabetics need to carefully read!

  • Diabetics should eat the same amount every day and at the same time.
  • Should not skip meals. Meals that you skip or delay will result in significant changes in blood sugar.
  • To maintain water balance, you should drink at least 10 glasses (2 liters) of water each day.
  • You should definitely avoid sugary foods and beverages, hot chocolate, sherbet drinks, cola, ready-made fruit powders.
  • Diabetics should avoid all alcoholic beverages.
  • Pastry, cakes, cookies and hosting like sugar foods with high fat content should be avoided.

  • Remove fried or roasted food, meat, vegetables, dough, fries from your table.
  • Chicken skin, fatty organ meats, delicatessen products; salami, sausage, bacon, roasting. You should never eat.
  • Fats; never use butter, inner oil, tail oil, solidified margarines.
  • Get all fruits, vegetables and dried fruits on your table.
  • Get ready foods, white bread, biscuits, cakes and crackers out of your life.
  • Tea, lime, herbal teas and mineral water you can drink freely. All these teas should be sugar-free, but can be optionally drunk with a sweetener.
  • Instead of white bread, prefer whole wheat, rye and oat bread.
  • Prefer to eat fresh fruit instead of ready-made juice.
  • Include dried legumes frequently in your diet.
  • Diabetics should consume very little salt.
  • Three days a week is recommended that fish be consumed.
  • Natural sugars are found in fruits and vegetables. You should know that natural foods are a good source of energy, vitamins and minerals.

Diabetes patients should not forget!

Diet for diabetics is the most important part of the treatment.  Therefore, you should pay attention to what you eat and drink in daily life. Don’t believe everything you hear or read. You should apply the list of diets your doctor considers appropriate for you in your life. What we wrote above is purely for information. It is your doctor who will give you the best information. We wish you healthy days.

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