İnformation About Body Mass index(bmi)

İnformation About Body Mass index(bmi) 

Body Mass Index (bmi); body weight (kg) is the value obtained by the division of the neck (meters2). It is used to determine which of the categories of underweight, normal, overweight and obese. BMI can give you ideas about your weight-related problems and risks. According to most people; The bmi criterion is not “cute;; however, it is a standard measurement method. One of the most important problems related to bmi; The relationship between BMI and risk of death. When extreme values were examined, ie only low BMI and high BMI were examined; both were found to increase the risk of premature death; however, in the middle values, the connections began to mix.

In a recent study, Cynthia Thompson and colleagues, who analyzed data from the Women’s Health Initiative research group; He concluded that the Body Shape Index (ABSI) criterion may be more useful than BMI to determine the risk of death. In addition to height and weight, waist circumference was also used in the calculation of ABSI. The addition of the waist circumference provided that the fat in the center (abdomen) of the body was taken into account.

Thompson said in a statement: geliştiril ABSI was developed to include body center fat in the risk analysis. We know; Although there is a healthy BMI in the community, there is a group of individuals who disproportionately have fat around the navel. ”

Raj Padwal and his colleagues also published a recent article; He pointed out that fat storage around the internal organs is risky, independent of BMI. According to Padwal; If a person has a high BMI with low BMI, the risk of death increases markedly. Obesity is a disease of unhealthy lubrication of internal organs. BMI cannot distinguish this type of lubrication.

The good and bad sides of BMI; it is a simple screening method. Height and weight are easy to measure. These two values ​​are usually found in medical records. It is not easy to reach devices such as DEXA that directly measure lubrication. Measuring waist circumference is not a practice nowadays. Therefore, BMI; will continue to be a useful criterion for screening and studies.

When we see that the prevalence of obesity increases in the population based on BMI values, there is no doubt that this will cause problems. If an individual; This is a signal if it is defined as obese because of its BMI value. The health status of the individual should be examined more closely. On the other hand, BMI alone does not indicate whether an individual is healthy or not.

Editor’s Note: Decisions based on BMI will be inaccurate and incomplete in terms of treatment. This fact that we have emphasized for years; finally sane, it began to be noticed by real scientists. I hope the entire medical community will be aware of this situation as soon as possible.

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