What is body mass index?

What is body mass index? If we first explain what it means for those who ask; The mathematical rate of fat in a person’s body is called body mass index. To put it a bit more, it is a parameter that reveals whether a person’s weight is ideal for his or her height and which is also related to gender.


What does the body mass index do?

The body mass index, which is calculated to tell people what stage their weight is according to their height and gender, reveals whether your weight is in the ideal, overweight and obese boats.

In short, it is the fastest way to find the ideal weight. You may need to take action according to the result here.

How is the Body Mass Index calculated?

One of the most curious questions is how to calculate the Body Mass Index? Actually, there’s an easy way to do this.

* Divide your body weight by the square of your height. Your result is your Body Mass Index.

Interpretation of Resulting Body Mass Index:

0 to 18.4: WEAK
Your weight falls in the weak category compared to your height. This means that you need to gain weight to reach your ideal weight.

18.5-24.9: NORMAL
You’re at your ideal weight. While taking care of adequate and balanced nutrition, do not neglect the sport.

25.0-29.9: OVERWEİGHT
Your weight is higher than your height. If you do not want your excess weight to be dangerous, you should take immediate action.

30.0-34.9: Fat (1st Obese)
Your body is now a little more dangerous than your height. In other words, you are in the fat category. Consult a dietitian to achieve ideal weight.

35.0-44.9: Fat (2nd Obese)
Your weight is too much compared to your height and you are in the second stage of obesity. This can cause cardiovascular problems.

45.0 and up: OVERBEATING (3. Obese)
A fatness that can be easily seen with the eye will also cause visual diseases. Therefore, you should lose weight as soon as possible.


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