What Should My BMI Be For My Age?

What Should My BMI Be For My Age?

The ideal weight is not important but healthy weight. The only way to find out is to keep the body mass index at a certain rate.

So what should this ratio be and how will we ensure it?

People with obsession with weight, please do not miss the taste of your life by saying “I will be in my ideal weight”.

Do not do it! Please do not insist on the wrong!

There is no such thing as kilo ideal weight!! No, because there is a different boy weight range ın of all ages, sexes, boyposes and genetic structure. This “reasonable” range is called the “healthy weight range”.

While determining this, the “balance is written”, not “body mass index values” and “waist circumference” is looked at. Thanks to the concept of “healthy weight”, not ”ideal weight” is used.



My advice is not to mention when it comes to weight, it is not ideal. For this, follow your body mass index (BMI).

If you are in the 20-30 age range, I suggest you target 20-23 range, and if you are between 30-50 age range, I recommend targeting 20-25 range.

Well, is it necessary? Not. Not the best, but beautiful, safe, and rather this range. After the 50s, try to stay in the 25-28 range and do not exceed 28 if possible.

And when it comes to 30, say, dikkat Watch out man.. Two more minor notes: No matter what your age, your body mass index should not exceed 30, nor fall below 18.

Always keep your slogan “no obesity, no anorexia.. And regardless of your body mass index, your waist should be below 88 if you are a woman and below 100 if you are a man.

We wish you healthy days…

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